JS Info Solutions Inc. is one of the fastest growing information technology (IT)
solutions provider and a recognized authority in innovative workforce
development training. With our strong track record of successfully executing IT
projects and IT consulting, we guarantee efficiency, simplification and
transformation of your business.
JS Info Solutions Inc will help you increase your
productivity and ROI, improve your business processes and expertise, and
enhance your customer experience. All of this, we provide at a reasonable cost to
your company.
Our Mission

To help our clients accomplish more with
less by taking advantage of cutting edge
ideas and powerful new technologies and
delivering the highest quality, best-value
solutions to achieve our clients’ goals and

Our Vision

To become a recognized leader in
providing advanced innovative IT
solutions to diverse organizations around
the world and federal, state and local
government agencies across our nation.
To transform today’s unemployed into
tomorrow’s highly skilled, forward-thinking
IT workforce.
JS Info Solutions Inc
About Us: